A mini husky is a fairly recent breed of dog. Breeders have noticed a need and desire for a companion dog with a husky look and temperament but in a smaller size. Huskies are wonderful dogs but are not always well suited to living in the city and now many people have size restrictions put in place by their housing. Many different breeders have worked towards the creation of the mini husky. Each breeder may have a slightly different goal of what their ideal dog should look and act like but they all are trying to create a breed that looks and acts like a full size husky but in a smaller “fun size”. Different breeders have used different breeds of dogs to work to try to create their version of the mini husky. Some of the different breeds that have been used are Siberian Huskies, Pomeranian, Alaskan Klee Kai, American Eskimo, and Shiba Inu along with various other breeds. There are no rules about which breeds are used to create a mini husky.

Because the mini husky is a young breed it can at times be difficult to predict with accuracy adult size and breed type/traits. Generally puppies will be fairly close to the size or looks of the parents but not always, sometimes a puppy crops up that is significantly larger or smaller than the parents or a puppy may not look like the parents. A breeder will give you their best guess as to what a puppy will look like grown based on parents and previous puppies. What does remain consistent is the unique beauty and wonderful nature of these magnificent little dogs. 

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